“Who you were yesterday, is not who you are today,

and who you are today, is not who you’ll become tomorrow.”

~ Jennifer Jones

This Is Your Opportunity, Right Now To Step Into Creation!

The Law of control begins and ends with your thinking.

We cannot change what we don’t acknowledge

Beliefs influence behavior,

Your thoughts influence your feelings, your feelings influence your actions,

your actions influence your events.

So, where do you start to reset a previously programmed human?


Right Here!

This masterclass is for anyone who

is ready to grab the bull by the horns and

jump in the hot seat of their life

You Are Invited To Join Me…

On this deep dive into yourself. It is not for the faint of heart. In this container, I will hold a safe space for each person as we go  deep into who you want to be and what it will take in the becoming process.  We start by debunking old patterns, sensing into your intuitive knowing, and tracking yourself into the future.

This is the beginning of true and lasting change. 

Make the commitment to yourself, to create, design and implement the tools, strategies, new perspectives, and techniques I’m going to teach you.

Awaken your dormant desires, reclaim your inherent power and alchemize your inner world.





Masterclass Details:

Intimate classes of 4-8 people

Weekly hot seat sessions

Weekly 1:1 private coaching calls

Weekly group calls (3 - 4 Hrs)

Weekly homework exercises

Accountability partner

Questions answered live


* Individual future self session

* Direct chat access to me

* Group assignment check-ins

live your best life now!

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* Nov 2nd – 6 week Masterclass Includes private 1:1 coaching and future self session

* Nov 17th – 6 week Masterclass ( Does NOT include, private 1:1 coaching and future self session)

* Jan 10th – 6 week Masterclass Includes private 1:1 coaching and future self session

Due to the intimate size classes fill fast be sure to register for your preferred dates below.  

Please Note: There are a total of 6 seats available for classes held Nov 2nd & Jan 10th

A total of 12 seats available for classes held Nov 17th

My Approach

As a Coach, Facilitator and Leader I know how challenging it can be doing it all alone, I used to think that was the only way to grow, Miss Independent, I can do it! Little did I know that we cannot go through this life alone, we were not made to do it all alone. Hence there is no “i” in team!

To expand is to gather as one.

Leadership and Communication are my golden keys to success! As we stretch, push and grow together, this also expands your level of Leadership allowing you to step into your role with confidence and certainty in your abilities. Your Communication will be challenged on all levels, which in turn will enhance not only your skills but your Leadership and all areas of your life will be enhanced.

Level Up Your Life!

Live Your True You!