No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be linked to a third mind.

~ Napoleon Hill

Can you imagine the forces that 4 to 6 people would bring in a collective?

The main benefits are

You’re not alone, you have a team around you to help guide you through the journey and push you if and when needed or required, even a kick in the A*$$*, which we can all use sometimes! “keeping it real”.

Members raise the bar by growing each other in their personal development. Problem-solving works best in a group, they are able to challenge each other with their creations, helping to develop, implement ideas and or goals. Accountability is a cornerstone, it allows everyone to look from the outside in, preparing us for what may get in our way as well as what can stop us in our tracks, together we overcome. Life likes to throw curve balls!

We brainstorm ideas and support each other through input, advice, experience, and expertise as a whole. We champion each other with total honesty, respect, compassion, and empathy. Together you receive a combined team of MinfulRiches, training, consulting, and coaching. Individual successes are celebrated and problems are solved collectively through mutual support.

You will receive

Personalized private support

Small groups of 4-6 people

Everyone gets in the Hot Seat weekly

Interactive with personalized attention

Celebrating all wins


1HR Private Orientation call (to be completed before starting)

1 Hour Complimentary Session provided with every 3 months of membership

15 minute bi-weekly individual private calls

Members are screened and grouped accordingly to best match the mastermind group.

*Note: This class is by application approval only, applicants will be fully refunded if not approved. Once approved you will be advised and placed on a waitlist for grouping. 

Special $350 per month – Reg $500 /month                                                                         3 Month Special $900 – Reg $1500 /month

My Approach

As a Coach, Facilitator and Leader I know how challenging it can be doing it all alone, I used to think that was the only way to grow, Miss Independent, I can do it! Little did I know that we cannot go through this life alone, we were not made to do it all alone. Hence there is no “i” in team! To expand is to gather as one.

Leadership and Communication are my golden keys to success! As we stretch, push and grow together, this also expands your level of Leadership allowing you to step into your role with confidence and certainty in your abilities. Your Communication will be challenged on all levels, which in turn will enhance not only your skills but your Leadership and all areas of your life will be enhanced.

                                                           Level Up Your Life!

Skills you acquire

  • Your goals achieved, accomplished, completed
  • Problem solving skills
  • Learn how to push past the fear
  • Learn techniques to help with anxiety, stress
  • Recalibrate the negativity
  • Positive mindset
  • See the opportunities disguised as problems
  • Breaking down project or task
  • Organizing schedule / to do’s
  • Accountability
  • Tools to get unstuck
  • Personal development and growth
  • Take responsibility of whole self
  • Personal Development and Growth
  • And so much more


  • Complete the application process
  • Complete an assessment
  • Complete the orientation call
  • Must be serious, honest, and respectful
  • Being open to seeing what’s possible
  • Ready to dig deep within yourself
  • Must be coachable
  • Participate and share
  • Have a how can I attitude
  • Be accountable to Yourself and others
  • Be spiritually open

Special $350 per month – Reg $500 /month                                                                         3 Month Special $900 – Reg $1500 /month

This Monthly Subscription has a 3-month minimum starting commitment.

When you purchase now you reserve your spot for the next group